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How to Approach the GMAT
Posted 11 years ago

A beginner's guide to GMAT Materials:
The first thing any MBA aspirant should do is visit official MBA/GMAT site ...spend some 2-3 hours there. (or even 2-3 days!) & read as…

Reliance Stanford GSB scholarship for MBA program
Posted 9 years ago

And I have returned to day dreaming. Return to aim WSC (cough! Wharton Stanford Columbia). I had said earlier and mentioned in my description line of the blog as well…

Strategy for GMAT : study under a month.
Posted 10 years ago

The general answer for EVERYBODY :
PREPARATION for GMAT: STRATEGY for 30 days schedule:
[Here's quick-n-dirty article about 'study under a month'. Many people have aced the test by just 3…

Download free GMAT 1000 series documents.
Posted 8 years ago

1000 series documents for verbal studies, are free study materials with literally tons of practise problems.

The documents were made by ScoreTop.com, the premium online GMAT forums that is now sued…

1000 SC, CR are they worth your time?
Posted 10 years ago

They are very famous documents. Yes they are famous and there are lots of reasons for it.
But being famous doenst make them nice.
All right, so lets see whats these documents…

GMAT promo codes, voucher. Whats the fuss?
Posted 8 years ago

There's been a lot of discussion about GMAT vouchers & promotional codes. Everyone seems to be clueless, no one exactly knows what's this all about, nor they're getting proper information…

Why to buy GMAT OG12? & how GMAT works?
Posted 8 years ago

This is second part of the article. Part-I can be viewed here: When is the right time to take GMAT.
Before I explain the importance of OG12 I need to tell…

What it takes to be the best B-school
Posted 11 years ago

dear b-schools, DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU? (lolz :p)Check this out!!I have a question. People normally talk about "Top Business Schools". My question is which exactly are the top…