I am alone here…in bloggers park of MBA GMAT land :(

and I am quite late in catching this particular trend …
So, I am, in this case, is a trend-follower.

…not that this is my first blog ever…
I started blogging through some other blogs since last three-four months @ blogger.com recently I found reading blogs very interesting.
Though I discovered the art of blogging as a trend some 2-3 years ago @ MSN spaces, but I didn’t like the concept then so I stopped blogging.

One more reason for me stop blogging is I was alone there, on the net world.
…Stranger in a strange new (shall I call web 2.0) world.
But now I realised that ‘you dont have to know a blogger in person to read his/ her blogs.’ Everybody is stranger here yet everybody knows quite a lot about other bloggers.


The idea of blogging also came in my mind when I started reading Eric’s blog about GMAT preparation. …it’s very informative indeed. Later he (Eric ) formed a GMAT forum it’s a free community service, which is a noble work he is doing. Incidentally, I am a proud member of that community. I also contribute in that forum-site.

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