Beat the GMAT Essay competition

Beat the GMAT has announced a mini monthly scholarship from this month. It is an essay compitition, and this months essay is Stanford essay one.
This is quite specific question and needs heavy brainstroming and introspection.
I am not sure whether I am going to participate in the competition or not, I thought of give a try here.
So I started thinking about the essay. It’s not that I never did introspection; in fact i am alone and dont have many friends so i always have my quality time to think about myself. I do a lot of introspection. But I never had this opportunity to scribe something down.
I could have tried them but I just never took a pen and paper and thought. As a dreaming for MBA, I have to think over this essay issue and I think this is the time I should have some thought on it.
[update: i have started this post with some other intention 5-6 days ago.
I thought I ll give a shot but looking at the my ultra-tight schedule i think i am running out & can t give myself enough time to think about the essay….]
so next post after I get some time out of my crazy schedule.

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