MBA Stanford admit taking queries. Senapati @pagalguy

senapati: There’s something special in this person.
This guy’s got admitted in Stanford GSB for class 2008.
He started this thread at the some six months ago, to help other (stanford wannabe) aspirants to make their plan. The thread is huge a success.
Mr. Senapati still takes time out of his busy schedule to answer to the queries.
This thread has crossed five hundred mark and it’s still running- full throttle; the mods have not made it sticky (UPDATE: finally it’s locked & made sticky on MBA abroad forum) nor its something silly like longest thread making maniac attempt; its still successful, the reason for this is his (Mr. senapati’s) vast knowledge over variety of b-schools across the globe. You name it & this person knows about that school inside-out… oh yeah!
Though I do not have a single post in that thread, I gained a lot of information just by reading it.
You too could gain great amount of information just by going through this thread. and the best part is you dont have to be member of that forum site to read this thread.
Just go and check it out.

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