GMAT test great experience:Interesting read

You can get many GMAT war stories at numerous GMAT forum sites available.
Every person posts his/her GMAT experience and approach once (s)he is through this test.

So theres nothing special in it.

Here i go.

The debriefing by this person is unique I never read such comprehensive, informative yet funny and humorous posts. I really enjoyed reading this thread.

But this persons (calls himself crash test dummy) has posted this cool story about his GAMT journey. I like his style of writing. His posts are comprehensive and has some humour in it. Also you find some funny posts in the thread; esp. post #3 and one-tight-slap by MOD in post#4. I literally rolled on the floor out of breath. Gasp.
This person put some interesting facts and incidences in his debriefing.
I am sure you ll find it interesting too.
just check this out here

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