Pagalguy turns four!

Ok now look at some stats:

Active Users: 200

Threads: 17,192
Posts: 568,705
Members: 81,036

The stats I have provided above and the website I am talking about is one of the most popular and populated youth forums website.
Yes, I didn’t say MBA-Admissions related forum site. I call it youth forum website.

Yes, four years ago the founder, Allwin (you can find his blog link on the bottom of the right column) might have started the site with the same intention: to provide CAT related discussion forum. And the scope of the site might have been restricted to CAT (Common Admission Test: entrance test conducted for Indian premium institutes like IIMs) related discussions; however today this site has gone beyond that… Beyond CAT, Indian MBA, beyond GMAT, and now international MBA. The website takes interviews of deans of various business schools.
Recently site published the interview of Mr. Caleel, Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
Oh yes apart from MBA business this site also do some charitable work. Check out touching lives forum there. I can go on & on but talking about in a single post is impossible. You just gotta check it.

I am very fascinated by this site. I started participating in the discussions lately. Since I am aiming for US-MBA my activities are(/were) restricted to two forums only. Which do not quite rock as compare to its other Indian-forums. If you see the numbers, when I say its not rocking, I mean the new thread started has just hundred visits in a day. Well that’s actually quite big number.
So I didn’t quite know the persons there. Then one day I came across this invitation thread.
I checked in.
And I attended the celebration too. Check out the thread you might see me there in the photos….(don’t expect some running man’s pic there… I don’t always run.)
I think I was the only fool who was wearing shirt and a trouser on the party day!!

Some vet-n-loyal people of pg shared some stories about what was there earlier and it is today…I actually had gone through a fantastic thread of history of pagalguy the day beforeand as I hv mentioned I hv done PhD in Allwin’s blog, so I knew the story already…

All the best wishes to

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