I am back!

some changes in the blog.
I think My blog has come to the (st)age where I should provide a search option.
so I am removing bussiness week online search to my blog search.
this would help you finding archives and many other key words you look for.
Also I upgrade my blog to beta(?) (is it still beta?)… blogger from google.
I was afraid that I’ ll have to do all html work once again so i bit-of postponing this unavoidable upgrade.
now I could safely upgrade it.
Just wanna make sure that rss feed code is the same or changed….
I ll use the new beta-features in this blog
the labels i can think of right now are:
My reaserch den
refernece posts
Editors choice
& many more i wont reveal… yes
there’s lots of interesting stuff coming your way in coming months so stay tuned.
Now about some GMAT>>
I think I wont take a break from studying…. will finish with my GMAT once & for all.
right now I have not planned anything specific….
I might start solving 1000SC problems and publish the solutions here
at http://thousandsc.blogspot.com/
by the way there’s one more blogger , also started solving 1000SC. He has published a new blog now
so you guys can have a look.
time to go & check more resource.

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