BeatTheGMAT! [part I] the scholarships

There are so many GMAT preparation websites. Most of them provide quality content. And then threes are some fake websites. Lets not talk about those sites. Lets assume all renowned GMAT preparation sites and forums are genuine and provide quality content.

Among them,

· there are some sites who charge $$ to their prospective clients/ students/ GMAT aspirants/ members for the so called premium content they provide.

· Then, there are some semi-free websites who provide mediocre content to their general members and premium quality content to their ^VIP^ members.

· Then, there are some sites that are absolutely free. They share everything; all content / material with their members.

· And finally, there are some sites who provide not only all content/ material free of cost but they also offer $$ to their members.

Wait wait wait!. Does this fourth category really exist?

If yes then I am in!!

Yeah! Dig more and you’ll find that there are no such sites present on the world wide web except one…the name is beattheGMAT!

Yeah! You heard it right. Its

BeattheGMAT! Offers monthly $mini-scholarship$$ and two mega yearly scholarships to GMAT aspirants who are members of the site.

So register now!


4 thoughts on “BeatTheGMAT! [part I] the scholarships

  1. Eric

    Hey Johny:Thanks very much for this advertising. 🙂 I’m glad to have members like you who understand this community service mission. Thanks so much for helping me build this project from the beginning!

  2. Johny Cage

    first of all,i do not advertise for anybody.I publish whatever i feel helpful to GMAT aspirants. thanks for coming in;good to see you visited my blog Eric.wait for part II then 😉

  3. Anonymous

    oh well !if this aint advertising …. and the ones i saw on otkut …. i will eat my hat!thx fr the info though

  4. Johny Cage

    Wow! glad to see such comment! :DWhile I try to be as neutral as possible while posting here; if you find this article biased, let me tell you that if you check my blog carefully you’ll notice that I do write about other forums here as well.Thanks for the comment though. I am please to see the info was helpful.


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