Reflection to MBA tour

My some of friends asked me to write some detailed account about the tour experience and my reflection on it.

So I am adding one more article here. You might find this bit rude but that’s the way it is.

The atmosphere in fair hall was supportive. I mean, you feel nervous before entering into the fair but once you have entered you are relieved.

You should avoid being idiot and ask stupid questions to the college representatives. Since the real turn off to the people standing on other side of stall is lack of preparation of visitors. You can learn a lot by simply overhearing the conversation.

Another turn off is when a visitor says that she hasn’t taken the GMAT yet. The representatives then fail to gauge your level and hence fail to give good advice. It also shows that you are not that serious candidate among all others.

Now on personal experience:

I was at Columbia desk for most of the time. No person from NewYork City had come to represent Columbia there. All people were Alumni settled in Mumbai. Couple of them were not present in the hall virtually. They were much bsuy attending their phone calls than attending visitors at their desk. 😉

The Alumni were trying to comment to visitors query as neutral as they could and ending up in no real, significant and informative reply. No inside info. The guy was even hesitant to reply-straight a question as simple as whether living in NYC is more expensive than other college campus.

But still it was an experience talking to real Alum of such a big shot school.

Some visitors were not aware how big the name Columbia is and thus asking questions like whether she would get a good placement after MBA from CBS. I moved to next desk

Some of the school representatives were so desparate to talk with visitors that they were literally calling each person and telling them about their university, giving them brouchers. And all. Yes I became a victum ot such college too. Now I have this broucher in my hand which I am not at all interested reading it. I have something better to do with this pamphlates. Yeah! I am in train right now. I am writing this (rough) article on this broucher. I don’t have a notebook to write.

3 thoughts on “Reflection to MBA tour

  1. Johny Cage

    Thanks for pointing out that.I tried to fix the error with no success. finally i am disabling the google search function.thanks again Mr/Ms. anonymous buddy i promise i ll dedicate a special article on you, if you come up and tell me your identity!c’mon i hardly get comments here :p

  2. ss268

    Wow a nice tipe right there, ‘take a GMAT exam at least once before you go to a fair.’ I myself didn’t keep up with that tip when I attended a fair in Tokyo last year, probably making myself look unserious about MBA. Well, at least now I know that I may have made myself look like that.


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