GMAT bloggers blues

I am all perplexed on my decision of upgrading my template to blogger beta.

I lost my sweet Haloscan I lost currency converter, amazon books store. 😐 I lost my sexy right column and now, I receive a comment from some anonymous poster that my google search feature is not working. 😡 damn!
Am I losing revenue now??

Well something has to be paid if you wanna make your weblog look neat and decent. But then, that’s the price I cannot affort. Not that I couldn’t make my blog layout like before; but, heck! I ll have to do all again.

I learned my bloogers friends Dave and Eric have not upgraded their blogs to blogger-beta. That’s a nice move (move???) they have made(made??).

I know I wont move to any other blogs provider since I don’t wanna change my url.

sigh! I never thought I would be discussing my haloscan problems in their forums and never thought I would check bloggers help.

Anyway, I am about to do some cleaning and rebuilding work on my blog. Will remove my PhD blog-list and will launch something new.

Stay tuned 🙂

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