Tribute to my PhD blog list and other bloggers.

[PS in the beginning]: [I had written this article couple of months back sometime before the Christmas but couldn’t post it.]

Earlier, I had kept a list of the blogs I had read first, and I used to call it my PhD blog list. Or to be precise “the blog I have done PhD in”. I removed the list some time back. Therefore this is a tributary article for other bloggers and the bloggers of my PhD bloglist.

I have been a silent observer. I like reading blogs. And I can claim that I have read around hundred blogs thouroughly. Yes you heard it right!
You name it & I know it.
Haa haa! I lived vicarious life. I enjoyed reading others blogs celebrated with their joy and felt sorry in their grief. But I rarely posted a comment anywhere. I never sort of did marketing of my blog as of now ( I think I ll start doing it from now πŸ˜‰

Though not any of these I have listed below met me personally, I find them very close to my heart. Some of them are my good online buddies and some of them don’t even know me. But they are inspiration. They are my Heroes.

Eric’s Beat the GMAT

The ultimate blog I read was Beat the GMAT.

I learned from Eric how the concept of blogging can be so helpful and yet friutful.

As you might be knowing that my (this) blog is an inspiration from his blog.

Eric had meticulously studied and beated the beast called GMAT. He kept his daily journal about his GMAT preparation and made a blog simultaneously. (You will find his day to day progress report their.) He was the first blogger who made a mark. Believe me, I Read Eric’s blog once & I never asked a single query on any online forums.

I don’t have to tell you that it’s the superhit blog in GMAT industry. Also the blog was the foundation of the beat the GMAT Forums website which is also quite popular in the industry.

Sawmya’s Simba Rulez

Secondly I followed Sowmya’s blog. Her blog especially her marathon series about the International MBA [ a six parts article related to applying to US MBA colleges ] was real eye opener for me. I had many myths related to the procedure and the way application goes her articles not only cleared the myths but also gave me a gift. A wonderful gift, πŸ™‚ I started visiting the site because the articles belong to I discovered the bulletin forum is huge. Not that I was not aware of the site but I knew it was about Indian MBA.

Simplifying Insanity Now new location in the thread format

Thirdly Of course pagalguy himself; Name is All-win Agnel. When I started visiting the forums I instantly fall in love with it. and someday I encounter his posts on the forum. ///words of wisdom with some naughty flavour///. I was mesmorised when I read his signature.


I have some of his truly inspirational posts that I actually had taken the print outs of. Posts are sticked on my bill board. He has really cool articles in his blog; he’s not a great blogger though he inspires many. Oh by the way did I tell you people call him an angel.

He now shifted his blogging business to a thread called Life at Wharton: Pagalguy Reports. No wonder I am regular reader there.


It was when I was at the peak of “blogs reading mania” and I found urge to start my own blog. This blog is the product of the same. I got a blog now what? I took inspiration from many bloggers. The first blog was of BritChick MBA. It’s all comprehensive blog content with two-three years of struggle of making into to ranked b-school. It’s a sleek ride reading all archives how ol’ lady made it to big W. My reason for subscribing her blog was I wanted to ask her a stupid question whether writing in British English in AWA section of GMAT is OK. which I never asked πŸ˜€ Helen taught me many things indirectly. all these fancy add-ons which are and were on blog was an inspiration. Oh yeah! haloscan, ad sense, counter, right column links and everything. She indirectly taught me how to do blogging. Introduced to me new concepts like bloglines dilicious etc.

These guys deserve at least one exclusive article in my blog; don’t you think?

Iday’s etc & etc.

Interesting thing about this person and his blog is I added him in my PhD list before actually doing PhD on his blog. Yeah I was damn sure about this fellow. I followed him via his comments on other’s blogs and on MBA forums. they were straight smart sometimes humorous. We most of the times share similar views. And many times it happened that I couldn’t post a reply to certain topic on the forums since he already replied the same.

His blog has become very popular now. And the best part is he updates it regularly. I think his blog is the only active blog in my list.

One article for them tsk tsk but I am not sure whether any of these people visit my blog. or ever visited my blog.

Yeah but you gotta keep on walkin’.

6 thoughts on “Tribute to my PhD blog list and other bloggers.

  1. Anonymous

    Hmmm,wat abt inblue?u haven’t included her blog?well i did watch u bcoz i was seriously thinking of GMAT at some point.Shelved for now.So don’t expect me to watch ur PhD mates πŸ˜‰ Btw,why the change in colour?Pink was good right?Or is it that somebody else on PG has had a runaway hit with Pink :DLook forward to your preparation posts.Harsha

  2. shurdock

    Thanks for all the great recommendations. It is hard to sift through all the internet junk to get to the good stuff πŸ™‚


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