In search of GMAT blogs

Hello people as I mentioned in my earlier article in my blog, I am compiling the list of GMAT bloggers.
If you have a blog and you write something about GMAT in your blog then just let me know. I’ll add your url weblink in this article. All you have to do is send me a note. You can post a comment or just put a note on the chat box, which is available on the right hand side of the blog.

You must have seen a new item “Great GMAT links” in the right column.

Yes, I know what now you are thinking… something similar to League of MBA bloggers or Dave’s MBA list… NO.

For “Great GMAT links
No. I wont just add the link of your GMAT blog. I’ll check your blog and will see whether you are regular into blogging, whether you write more about GMAT. If I find it really worth you will be listed in the “Great GMAT links”

I hope a good response from GMAT enthusiasts :

The list of GMAT bloggers (so far)
UPDATE:Apologies I updated the links today on Aug 2008. I must say some of the links mentioned below are worth reading entirely!!

Keep them coming guys.

& I found a Blogs Directory which keeps database of all blogs available.

13 thoughts on “In search of GMAT blogs

  1. Kunal

    Hi jonny It me kunal again . been reading your blog regularly and wanted to tell you as i was trying to make my blog better i made some improvemenst like added chat box and total thabnks to your blog once again for the hsoutbox idea. I made some other improvements and have posted quite extensively also .Eill kindly check it out now as earlier when i submitted my blog here with you to be included in great GMAT link it was not established, but now it is. I will be very thanskful of you if you can kindly spare little time and check the blog and maybe give some of your suggestion as you are the experienced one here :-)

  2. JohnyCAGE

    My apologies for not adding you in the list :(Sorry but I was facing some problems with the links lately and had to remove some of my “Great GMAT links”… I checked your blog. keep up the good work :)We can chat some day πŸ™‚

  3. 800 gmat blog guy

    I started a blog on the gmat to help people get a high score. Please check it out


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