My biggest nightmare

Heroes are losers!

Yeah! That’s my observation… Not all of them though. 😉 I have been on world wide web for quite a while and I know who are the heroes out here.
(Well! I am talking about the GMAT industry here.)

They’re active, they inspire, and they have great deal of experience in this field; they sometimes do analysis of the trends, keep track on the latest news and inform other people. They posses vast knowledge of this area and always try to help rookies in the industry. (GMAT prep industry 😉 ) And therefore they are termed as “experts” ; they are heroes for many.

YEAH! Words they speak (oops I mean, articles/ posts they write) and publish online become a reference material for many; become note of inspiration for many. Yes! Many regard them as heroes because of their commitment and constant zest to help and inspire other newbies.

They are heroes for many.
So whats wrong in that?

Well! Nothing’s wrong there. Even I had these heroes shape my prep and choose proper path in GMAT and MBA application process.

But one thing I observed in most of these heroes: They are losers in their own life.

am not pointing on anybody, specifically in this article but if you are well ol’ here you might guess about whom I am talking…

(Now don’t go and check my “tributary article for my heroes”. None of them has mentioned here or anywhere… they are different not mentioned anywhere in my blog.)

Although they write very inspirational posts or know many killing strategies, in their own journey to beat the GMAT they had failed to succeed. I feel sorry for them.

And guess what’s my biggest nightmare?

Yeah! I fear to become the loser. Being the loser just like them!

Well! I am no near to them! They are, perhaps, the world class. And I don’t regard myself in ^Hero^ category. I’d be happy to be a tiny person … but you cant ignore the fact… fact that I’m one of the top posters in America’s most popular GMAT related forum! And with this Annual PagalGuy Forum Awards I am getting some clear signs about people’s perception about my articles/ posts.

Oh yeah! They take them quite seriously 😉 😆 I feel really honored. I am pleased at the same time I feel it as a burden.
But then they say Great Power comes with Great responsibility!!! ( Damn I am yet to see Spiderman III… will watch it soon 🙂 ) I know my potential and I’ll damn achieve my ultimate goal. But this GMAT along with the aim-wsc, does it comes in my ultimate goal?

Perhaps yes but it’s in the path and I CAN/COULD choose alternative path for my ultimate goal(????)

I have been thinking of this for a quite while to b’ or not to b’… OK so I might not even apply to any b-schools.
But what about GMAT thingie? What about this blog? What about those award winning posts of mine? What about the brand aim-wsc?

I wont let my followers disappoint… I know many people out here want to see my ‘real marathon article about my own GMAT experience’.

So I WILL take the GMAT no matter what… I don’t want to turn them down.

This is strange; now I fear of being loser 😆 Isn’t it ironic!
You post something about how to beat the anxiety and nervousness and now YOU are nervous!! You suggest hundreds of strategies to rookies for their specific circumstances and now if you need help you cant ask about it because you already know the answers. Haahaa isn’t it a tragedy!


Well! Lets keep it away for time being … I’ll write some more articles about which I mentioned in my last post. Just wanted to vent that’s it.

Thanks for patience and thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “My biggest nightmare

  1. Silent Warrior

    If i remember correctly then you are aim-wsc.right??yup you are right to the certain extent about heroes:)Hey btw thanks for posting Manhattan scholarship link.Long time blogging luckily managed to apply on 7 may 2007 11.59PM.Thanks mate for such posts

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Johny, remember, “When we feel stuck, going nowhere–even starting to slip backward–we may actually be backing up to get a running start.”~ Dan Millman21st century philosopherI try to keep this in mind as I face the gmat with 3 children 3 and underand you are NO LOSER!Danielle aka gothedistance on beatthegmat

  3. JohnyCage

    such encouragement and support always keep me running and motivated. thanks for the all replies guys.


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