I'm back to GMAT world and kicking!

Lot of things happened during this break/phase.
Actually I had asked by my parents to stay in my native place as they were going out of town for vacation. That caused me two months of separation from net world :p I was desperately waiting to get back here. for beating GMAT and beyond (heeheee) But when I came back, a tragedy occurred. I lost my connecting device and a CELL phone. πŸ˜₯
And then it was again one more month without internet. πŸ™
It’s been five days since I’m back to GMAT world and already kicking. πŸ˜€
Soon I’ll add some post to this blog. Meanwhile I just changed the signature of my posts of the forums where I’m most active.
I have added the link of my other blog: “Do you Aim-WSC ? ” , which I think I am going to make more happening in near future. (I’ve merged all my blogs in one place now.)
Not that I am going to apply this year.
As you know I have yet to take the real test. oh Yeah! GMAT I mean. I am yet to take the GMAT test and I’m not thinking of it until next February.
So there’s no question of applying this year.
Well You’ll find all these answers about why I’m delaying this application process and hence MBA program / course on the above mention blog ( http://jc-4mba.blogspot.com ).

In GMAT front:
I’ve again joined all my favourite forums, BeatThe GMAT, PagalGuy and Test Magic and started contributing there.
I’ll be back within ten days and bring some food / special gifts for all you reader πŸ˜€
as I promised earlier.
Thank you for patience!

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