Pagalguy is down

…Can’t believe it.
Pagalguy is India’s most influencial (most popular and biggest) MBA related website. Though it’s more concentrated to Indian MBA entrance test (CAT) it has very popular section for GMAT test too! Portal and its forums’ been down since more than couple of days! (?)
I am not sure about this as I personally didn’t check the website since many days. As I think I have reduced my forum participation and ^posting activities^.

My friend called me up and asked whether Pagalguy Forums is actually down; so I today checked it out myself and result is the same.

I know it takes a great load-n-traffic during this period of the year when CAT results are ’round the corner. And I have seen on some occasions site being down for some time. Mostly it goes down for some modification in code etc. But this time it’s the biggest downtime I have ever noticed. I dont know the reason why its down but I am sure its a big loss for the Pagalguy. for such heavy traffic site every seconds counts! right 😉

Hope it’ll up soon!

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