mayonnai5e's Errors & GMAT lessons learned:blog in threaded format

So what I am reading in my spare time these days?

mayonnai5e started his GMAT preparation on Beat the GMAT forums when I was on my Biiiiiiiiiiig-vacation. Therefore I couldn’t track his progress and so the thread, closely. Still I remember, I had put some comments whenever I saw his my blog errors and lessons learned thread. He, very meticulously wrote his GMAT progress “mistakes done n lessons learned” and end up producing some new strategies to attack GMAT test! Like Eric, he too started writing his daily progress about his ‘GMAT studies, tests taken, obstacles faced and new strategies adopted

One of the advantage of writing your GMAT test preparation progress in thread format over the blog is you make it more interactive! You can invite others to share their similar experience or solve your troubles. Mayonnai5e had Eric and Stacey K. with him on his GMAT journey.
Check out the whole thread (especially last few pages) and you’ll find some cool tips and analysis from Stacey K.
Stacey Koprince is one of the eminent GMAT teacher from Manhattan GMAT and resident expert at Beat the GMAT forums. (You can check out the detail profile of Stacey Koprince at

7 thoughts on “mayonnai5e's Errors & GMAT lessons learned:blog in threaded format

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    I think blogging is the best way to learn the gmat. By sharing what you learned with others it helps you digest the material better.

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