Reliance Stanford GSB scholarship for MBA program

And I have returned to day dreaming. Return to aim WSC (cough! Wharton Stanford Columbia). I had said earlier and mentioned in my description line of the blog as well that I am no more aiming for Stanford GSB. Well! and I had my reasons for that. I know it’s unusual & who doesn’t want to have MBA degree from such prestigious and one of the best b-schools in the world? I assessed myself and realized that I am not a good fit for Stanford GSB culture. I think I don’t deserve it.
But recent news made me think about my decision again. I know again this time I may not be one the firsts who knew about this scholarships’ (/ fellowship ) announcement. So I ask, & who doesn’t want a full-ride for Stanford anyways.
Reliance Industries has announced and The Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship. It’s a FULL RIDE scholarship, meaning your tuition fees will be waived INCLUDING all your other expenses such as living at Stanford university, schooling, boarding, books etc; virtually all expenses associated to applying and attending stanford MBA (so, does that include GMAT fees as well??).
The scholarship is need-based & academics of the applicant will be considered in scrutinizing candidates. But the most emphasis will be given to the applicant’s interest in India and her willingness to work in India post-MBA. The conditions for Reliance Stanford scholarship are: Applicants if given the scholarship have to come to India in 2/3 year post-MBA for at least 2/3 years.
The selection process involves two phases. At first phase 50 candidates will be shortlisted & will be allowed to apply to Stanford University for traditional two year MBA program. Stanford will select at the most five candidates from fifty by their .
There has never been such a huge scholarship for any international applicants earlier. It is obvious to think that it would lead to more applications from Indian origin and hence selection process at Stanford would be tough still. But I think it would not be the case. First of all, Reliance candidates are entirely different pool and Stanford made it sure that they will not allocate more than five seats for fifty selected applicants. And even for Reliance Stanford scholarship applicants’ gang, I think it’s difficult to get through in first fifty. As mentioned in official website the candidates will be short-listed on need-base. It is the kind of bread which is difficult to get in India these days. With all India-shining and raining jobs, the average income of person from 20/30 age group has raised tremendously in a decade. Incidentally these very people want career upgradation, want to excel and hence want to join MBA programs of international stature. And the pool of youth who’s actually financially poor is not even aware of such MBA programs.
Still I hope Reliance will be successful in finding the best candidates in all the terms they demand. The last question stuck in my mind is whether this scholarship is genuine? I mean why should I be happy & so all prospective India MBA aspirants if the scholarship is not for those who genuinely qualify for it? I hope and pray it should all be white and transparent. But wouldn’t it be the scheme of Reliance with hidden interest? …the scheme: to make Indian ministers and bureaucrats happy by offering their sons/daughters an MBA degree from Stanford?
I hope & pray my speculation is absolutely wrong.
To apply for Reliance Dhirubhai fellowship for stanford MBA click here :

21 thoughts on “Reliance Stanford GSB scholarship for MBA program

  1. Taniya Dhirasaria

    Hey! I am actually a Textile design Graduate from NIFT. I am planning to pursue MBA from abroad. Do you know of any other trusts/organizations which give scholarships?thanks!Taniya

  2. Johny Cage

    trust what?
    are you talking about me or about Reliance? 😆
    sorry for the bad joke
    & I hate it when someone with anonymous name write incomplete/confusing sentence…

  3. shaan

    dear sir
    mai Below Poverty Line aur ST category se belong karta hu MBA karna chahta hu kya muze scollership mil sakti hai
    thank u

  4. Johny Cage

    @Shaan, ST category will not aide you but your financial need is definitely a deciding factor.
    Basically there’re only three factors:
    1. Financial need
    2. Academics
    3. Desired to contribute & come back to India after graduation.

  5. Manu

    When and how can i forward my profile/resume/essay to Apply for 2012 batch, I have been searching for notifications but no luck.

  6. Manu

    I meant for ‘2011’ batch in the previous comment,
    just missed this year’s deadline i guess..
    Got to know about this fellowship program yesterday only 🙁

  7. Johny Cage

    when you call ‘batch’ the number refer to the year of passing out/graduating.
    e.g. You stand a chance to apply for this scholarship for batch 2013 ie when you’d graduate if you apply in/before Sept 2010 & if a two year program starts in Sept 2011.

  8. Rahul Shenoy

    I am persuading my MBA in a institute in Karnataka. So i have some financial problem. How can i apply for dis scholarship. Please do mail me.

  9. Rahul Shenoy

    I am persuading my MBA in a institute in Karnataka. So i have some financial problem. How can i apply for dis scholarship. Please do mail me


    My son has completed IIT. Now working in Bombay. What is the steps to take and find a MBA with scholarshop

  11. Rahul

    Hey there, my name is Rahul and i m from Mumbai, read your article on the reliance scholarship thing and wanted to ask you a couple of things if you don’t mind me asking
    Firstly, does this scholarship exist only for those who apply in fall because i wanted to apply in january15 batch
    Secondly, if it does, then i should wait till the scholarship results are out to apply or not because for jan15 the application starts before that ?

  12. super

    @Rahul The last date of submission is 1 April (or 1 May?) so, if you want to apply for this year (R2 or R3) you’ve missed the change. But if you applied before April 2014 it’ll be considered for MBA batch 2017.


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