New GMAT official guide 12th edtion soon to be released

Though it may not be the breaking news to all of you who keep up-to-date information about the GMAT and the happenings; the new edition of the famous GMAT guide, the official guide aka the bible of GMAT preparation will soon be out in the stores. Rumours were OG 12 will be available by the end of 2008. & as usuual it was expected to delay the publication by 2/3 months.

Now (?) the releasing date is officially disclosed and confirmed:
The official guide to GMAT review, 12th edition will be released in March 2009 (23rd of March to be precise). The other two official guides of GMAT, verbal and quantitative review will be released -shortly- after the distribution of OG 12th edition begins.

Although it had the press release some 2/3 months ago I somehow missed to write a post about it. Though I must have given some hints in the forums, I forgot to inform our Forums…
So most of you currently preparing for GMAT but have not yet booked the date for the test would wonder as to wait to new books or just to go ahead with earlier official materials…
Yes, thats the geniene question. And answer is not easy for such situation…
The ideal answer to the question: “when should you take the GMAT?” is “when you’re ready”.
If you’re currently in middle of your prep or more (ie. almost over with your preparation)  I presume by the time new edition of OG would come you should be completely ready for GMAT and thus in this scenario it’s not the good idea to wait OG 12. But if you’ve just started googling for GMAT or looking for GMAT study materials haven’t spend too much in books etc, and you don’t have a b-school application deadline coming, you can think of delaying your GMAT plans.
In a way so that you could give justice to new book, say at least a month after you buy 12th edition.
Actually I am so tempted to write more, more about OG & its credibility. But I’d rather direct you to the GMAT forum and ask you to search-n-seek.

2 thoughts on “New GMAT official guide 12th edtion soon to be released

  1. Johny Cage

    “now” word is inappropriate there as the news is out in late October 2008. I posted this today so it’s a state news.
    But if you were not aware of it I’d consider my post worth publishing… 😉


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