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GMAT is my religion. This blog, ‘beating GMAT & beyond‘, is finding the way to beat the GMAT, to test various approaches, techniques, test taking strategies and looking for the resources for beyond GMAT business. The links I provide here are worth $1000. & I recommend them because they are worth it. If you benefited from my articles and links, I’m glad it helped. But I dont claim to be the GMAT guru neither am a private tutor. While I write on this blog, I try to be as neutral/unbiased as possible. I don’t belong to any community or country. And I don’t say what I say just to please somebody. I am a freelancer, and a blogger. I am not employed at any public limited company or government organisation. I do not own stock and options of any firm. I run this blog as a serious hobby.
After receiving more than 1,00,000 pageviews from earlier blog, over the last 2/3 years, and receiving overwhelming response from visitors (especially GMAT students), (& sacrificing my higher pagerank),  I’ve moved to personal self-hosted site, where I would continue to write about GMAT test preparation strategies; books review & recommendation; application process to MBA programs in USA and world; admission to top b-schools; their selection criteria; various scholarship options available for students during their MBA or during pre-MBA phase..
If you’re concerned with privacy, please refer to our privacy policy. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) & other GMAC™ trademarks are registered trademarks of the Graduate Management Admission Council™. This blog and its author(/s) is not affiliated with GMAC nor with MBA.COM. The content presented in the blog is merely opinions of the author if not backed by any reference note/link.

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