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resurrecting the gmat strategy blog

We separated all GMAT and MBA related posts from my personal blog and created new blog. This move was made keeping our viewers in mind. To make things simple, we will update this blog only when we’ve anything to add related GMAT & MBA. Although it would have been easier for me to manage a single blog for all fields and topics that interest me; it creates confusion among the readers.
This blog has a lot of promising projects pending. We’ll have a comprehensive list of all resources and links for GMAT preparation & MBA studies. Starting with a dedicated page for downloads, where I’d post must-have files/software as study resource. Also I’ll add GMAT FAQ page- a section with 50+ questions replied with concise answers. Although most of the content is written already, it’s matter of time I’d get time to publish it. Lot to come. stay tuned.

Back to GMATing, back to blogging

Oh yeah! You heard it right, which means you can expect me blog about GMAT here more often than earlier. Yes, back to blogging but not on forums, so please do not expect prompt (/any) replies on forum if you PM me.
Few additions/changes in blog: You must have noticed Knewton GMAT’s link in the middle column, yes if you’re interested in joining GMAT   prep course Knewton is the one I recommend. They’re cheapest yet the best in the town. Go get it.
I seriously want to write resources pages, I hope this time around I get more time for this site to add some content.
I also have GMAT FAQ queued up 😉 they’re somewhere around 75 frequently asked questions I would featured in this blog & try to answer clear, short & simple way. I might post them twice a week, maybe. Although I’m not sure when would I start posting it but as I would, I know I may end up writing infinite no. of FAQ posts … so I should stop myself at 75. All in all, expect this blog to be regularly updated with fresh content.