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Beat The GMAT changing its skin

A big change is about to be seen at Beat The GMAT website, that’s what the founder announced yesterday. Change in which manner and to what extend is still a suspense for everyone as the announcement doesnt reveal much as what to expect. Though I’m not among everyone because I got a mail from BTG to sneak peek the new Beat The GMAT site.
According to Eric, it’s a major, major, MAJOR change for BTG. And I can sense that this change and transition means a lot to him. As a part of BTG team, we’re looking forward to this transition.
Apparently all other online GMAT forums seem to have changed their skin recently! Changes in fonts, colors, background, the width of website, navigation bar (the top bar you usually see at any website) and overall UI (User Interface).
Check out :

  • Pagalguy.com (the portal as well as forums)
  • GMAT Club (Home page changed but not forums)
  • Score Chase (still as confusing as earlier but changed UI for sure 😉 )
  • And there are some more MBA admission related websites who’ve made changes in UIs

 They all have changed, but I’d say, it’s a minor change, just a little bit changes in UI, that’s it. But when I talk about Beat The GMAT it’s a big change! yeah as founder said, it’s a major major MAJOR change.
So, what’s this change is all about?
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Pagalguy Case study

For all those fans of pagalguy.com it’s a moment of pride.
Being the prospective MBA students, I hope you all know what business case study means. (& what it meant to be the case study itself 😉 ) Definitely a proud moment as I consider myself once associated with pagalguy forums…
I heard last year that IIM Banglore is making a case study on Pagalguy.com. but it was not made open to public. Now it’s available & you can read who document here: http://www.iimb.ernet.in/~gprabhu/pgcase.pdf
There’re a lot of take aways from this document a lot to learn for any dot com startups or those who want to build a social networking sites etc. Although I already knew alot about it, as I’ve been watching the site closely since years, there’s great analysis and data in there. worth reading.
For those new to this site & pg, I’m tempted to write more about this company and its founder Allwin Agnel. So I’m just gonna copy-paste the stuff I wrote about him sometime back…

Allwin Agnel is one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs I have ever seen. His innovativeness on launching an online forum at the time when such technology was not much known to the audience & his creativity of constantly adding new features/tools to the portal & forums, Pagalguy.com, made it one of the MOST INFLUENCIAL websites for MBA aspirants. It’s not just a forum; it’s more of a community which go beyond online sharing of knowledge. I personally, made (a lot) more social contacts via pagalguy forums than all other social networking sites combined. And without selling any product to its members, he made a business model which is generating revenue & positive cash flow. (Something which web2.0 founders stuck to figure out). He’s an excellent motivator and a role model. Despite the fact that handsome jobs are raining in India, I am astonished to see, how successfully he created a great team at Inzane Labs and attracted more talented HR. It’s always a dream to work with him.

B-school buzz e-book Free grabs

While reading an e-book offline about the survey at b-schools, I realised that Pagalguy.com also offered its members the gold membership at vault.com
You can avail this offer at Vault’s Indian site: http://www.vault.co.in/pagalguy.com
& for those who are completely confused by reading above two line, & for all those lazy bumps who don’t know where to get this e-book: go to the thread & check out the e-book, absolutely free.
Wanna know, What’s it like at a top-20 International B-school? –
Presenting you Vault/Pagalguy business school buzz book!!

It’s a shareware ebook so if you’re not a member of pagalguy, forums don’t worry much! I’ll soon make it available to members of Beat The GMAT forums, which I think has pretty strong base of its prospective readers.
The e-book is an exclusive survey conducted by Vault in association with pagalguy.com.
Tthe survey covers
Employment perspective
Quality of life
Social life (beyond b-school)
& answers of the representatives from respective schools.
I think I couldn’t have grabbed so much visiting the schools personally. I don’t discourage visiting the campus but sure this “book” comes handy before you take your final decision about b-schools.
Schools include;
1. Columbia
2. Harvard
3. Stern
4. Kellogg
5. Thunderbird
6. Berkely Haas
7. UCLA Anderson
8. Chicago
9. Wharton
10. USC Marshall
11. Darden
12. Toronto
13. Ivey (Ontario)
14. HEC France
16. Cranfield
17. LBS
18. Manchester
19. Oxford (Said)
These are undoubtedly the top b-schools of North America & Europe region.

Pagalguy is down

…Can’t believe it.
Pagalguy is India’s most influencial (most popular and biggest) MBA related website. Though it’s more concentrated to Indian MBA entrance test (CAT) it has very popular section for GMAT test too!

Pagalguy.com Portal and its forums’ been down since more than couple of days! (?)
I am not sure about this as I personally didn’t check the website since many days. As I think I have reduced my forum participation and ^posting activities^.

My friend called me up and asked whether Pagalguy Forums is actually down; so I today checked it out myself and result is the same.

I know it takes a great load-n-traffic during this period of the year when CAT results are ’round the corner. And I have seen on some occasions site being down for some time. Mostly it goes down for some modification in code etc. But this time it’s the biggest downtime I have ever noticed. I dont know the reason why its down but I am sure its a big loss for the Pagalguy. for such heavy traffic site every seconds counts! right 😉

Hope it’ll up soon!

Thinking of Indian MBA…

Dont look around, you are right. It’s me. Yes! aim-wsc is thinking of applying to some Indian MBA programmes this year!
surprised? yeah! even I am as surprised as you’re!
I think I must clear this haze around aim-wsc a bit…(OK may be I’ll write an introductory post soon.)
…that’s not the purpose of posting this article… today however, I’ll just talk about my voyage to various Indian MBA programs.
Now you might ask which programs am I thinking of: IIFT. IIFT & IIFT. Right now it’s the only one college I am thinking of applying but soon I’ll reach to some concrete decision.
FMS New Delhi, SP Jain, IIT SOM Mumbai are some of the other colleges I am thinking…
Now the obvious question arises: Why IIMs is not in the list… well for some odd reasons I don’t want to apply there… (not like sour grapes 😉 Yeah I know it’s not in my stretch and even if it would’ve I wouldn’t apply there…)
I’ll check it up with PaGaLGuy Forums but surprisingly I get more hits @ CoolAvenues when I searched about any MBA program in India on google… seems they are doing better with SEO and the stuff.
So I’ll check CoolAvenues site too…yeah I should not forget that this site is commercialised even before PaGaLGuY forums/ portal started. Anyway all I need is some information about these institutes which I would use to make a decision whether to apply to their programmes or not.
Well most probably ( according to my instinct) I wont be apply to any of other Indian or international MBA program this year. So it’s gonna be IIFT only.
But I’ll surely come up with some good reasons for the decision that I would make.

I'm back to GMAT world and kicking!

Lot of things happened during this break/phase.
Actually I had asked by my parents to stay in my native place as they were going out of town for vacation. That caused me two months of separation from net world :p I was desperately waiting to get back here. for beating GMAT and beyond (heeheee) But when I came back, a tragedy occurred. I lost my connecting device and a CELL phone. 😥
And then it was again one more month without internet. 🙁
It’s been five days since I’m back to GMAT world and already kicking. 😀
Soon I’ll add some post to this blog. Meanwhile I just changed the signature of my posts of the forums where I’m most active.
I have added the link of my other blog: “Do you Aim-WSC ? ” , which I think I am going to make more happening in near future. (I’ve merged all my blogs in one place now.)
Not that I am going to apply this year.
As you know I have yet to take the real test. oh Yeah! GMAT I mean. I am yet to take the GMAT test and I’m not thinking of it until next February.
So there’s no question of applying this year.
Well You’ll find all these answers about why I’m delaying this application process and hence MBA program / course on the above mention blog ( http://jc-4mba.blogspot.com ).

In GMAT front:
I’ve again joined all my favourite forums, BeatThe GMAT, PagalGuy and Test Magic and started contributing there.
I’ll be back within ten days and bring some food / special gifts for all you reader 😀
as I promised earlier.
Thank you for patience!

Do you Aim-WSC (?)

Hi there,
Check this out, haahaa
I just changed the title of this blog. (I merged all my blogs now)
Do you Aim-WSC?
It’s the name I chose for myself in some GMAT and MBA related forums couple of years ago and now it’s almost became a synonym for me… though I go by Johny Cage, my identity as aim-wsc is more popular than my name. They’ve nicknamed me as “aim” and now I really check the sentence twice whenever I see that word…Many of my phone calls I answer these days had to attend by aim-wsc and not by Pranav Amrute.
Heck! People actually discussed about my username on “forum trivia” thread!
Aim-wsc has a great potential to grow further in future! (but now I dont endorse that brand)
Watch this space as I’ll be writing more here from now. And make a brand as aim-wsc :mrgreen:
I have been doing research on b-schools since ages; and when I joined these online forums, I had shortlisted MBA programs from three top b-schools: Wharton, Stanford, Columbia. Today, though I have chucked the thought of applying to Stanford, ( as I realised that it’s not my kind of school and I dont fit in that MBA program.) , it is still there in my name.
I am loser yet I am aiming high. Do you too aim higher?
Do you Aim-WSC?
If you do, join the squad!
Check out the Google friends connect in the sidebar, & sign up.

Tribute to my PhD blog list and other bloggers.

[PS in the beginning]: [I had written this article couple of months back sometime before the Christmas but couldn’t post it.]

Earlier, I had kept a list of the blogs I had read first, and I used to call it my PhD blog list. Or to be precise “the blog I have done PhD in”. I removed the list some time back. Therefore this is a tributary article for other bloggers and the bloggers of my PhD bloglist.

I have been a silent observer. I like reading blogs. And I can claim that I have read around hundred blogs thouroughly. Yes you heard it right!
You name it & I know it.
Haa haa! I lived vicarious life. I enjoyed reading others blogs celebrated with their joy and felt sorry in their grief. But I rarely posted a comment anywhere. I never sort of did marketing of my blog as of now ( I think I ll start doing it from now 😉

Though not any of these I have listed below met me personally, I find them very close to my heart. Some of them are my good online buddies and some of them don’t even know me. But they are inspiration. They are my Heroes.

Eric’s Beat the GMAT

The ultimate blog I read was Beat the GMAT.

I learned from Eric how the concept of blogging can be so helpful and yet friutful.

As you might be knowing that my (this) blog is an inspiration from his blog.

Eric had meticulously studied and beated the beast called GMAT. He kept his daily journal about his GMAT preparation and made a blog simultaneously. (You will find his day to day progress report their.) He was the first blogger who made a mark. Believe me, I Read Eric’s blog once & I never asked a single query on any online forums.

I don’t have to tell you that it’s the superhit blog in GMAT industry. Also the blog was the foundation of the beat the GMAT Forums website which is also quite popular in the industry.

Sawmya’s Simba Rulez

Secondly I followed Sowmya’s blog. Her blog especially her marathon series about the International MBA [ a six parts article related to applying to US MBA colleges ] was real eye opener for me. I had many myths related to the procedure and the way application goes her articles not only cleared the myths but also gave me a gift. A wonderful gift, pagalguy.com 🙂 I started visiting the site because the articles belong to pagalguy.com. I discovered the bulletin forum is huge. Not that I was not aware of the site but I knew it was about Indian MBA.

Simplifying Insanity Now new location in the thread format

Thirdly Of course pagalguy himself; Name is All-win Agnel. When I started visiting the forums I instantly fall in love with it. and someday I encounter his posts on the forum. ///words of wisdom with some naughty flavour///. I was mesmorised when I read his signature.


I have some of his truly inspirational posts that I actually had taken the print outs of. Posts are sticked on my bill board. He has really cool articles in his blog; he’s not a great blogger though he inspires many. Oh by the way did I tell you people call him an angel.

He now shifted his blogging business to a thread called Life at Wharton: Pagalguy Reports. No wonder I am regular reader there.


It was when I was at the peak of “blogs reading mania” and I found urge to start my own blog. This blog is the product of the same. I got a blog now what? I took inspiration from many bloggers. The first blog was of BritChick MBA. It’s all comprehensive blog content with two-three years of struggle of making into to ranked b-school. It’s a sleek ride reading all archives how ol’ lady made it to big W. My reason for subscribing her blog was I wanted to ask her a stupid question whether writing in British English in AWA section of GMAT is OK. which I never asked 😀 Helen taught me many things indirectly. all these fancy add-ons which are and were on blog was an inspiration. Oh yeah! haloscan, ad sense, counter, right column links and everything. She indirectly taught me how to do blogging. Introduced to me new concepts like bloglines dilicious etc.

These guys deserve at least one exclusive article in my blog; don’t you think?

Iday’s etc & etc.

Interesting thing about this person and his blog is I added him in my PhD list before actually doing PhD on his blog. Yeah I was damn sure about this fellow. I followed him via his comments on other’s blogs and on MBA forums. they were straight smart sometimes humorous. We most of the times share similar views. And many times it happened that I couldn’t post a reply to certain topic on the forums since he already replied the same.

His blog has become very popular now. And the best part is he updates it regularly. I think his blog is the only active blog in my list.

One article for them tsk tsk but I am not sure whether any of these people visit my blog. or ever visited my blog.

Yeah but you gotta keep on walkin’.

World MBA Tour at Mumbai.

OK. I am lit’l nervous right now, since now onwards there’ll be two persons who know me ‘in person’ will read my blog. Till yesterday there was nobody. Yes, I met these guys at World MBA tour.

I was saying NO NO to the tour till the day before the event. (Even today I know, it’s bit early for me to visit such forums. As of now I am planning to apply for class of 2011?) But on last day I said OK. My cell phone was on repair & had to go to the city to get it; also I wanted to meet an online buddy, coincidentally he was going to attend the fair. These reasons were enough for me to come to the city and attend the fair. But there was one more and rather important reason to attend the event.

All these days, months, I have been reading about these b-schools, was checking their websites reading numerous blogs and various online forums, I was contented with the stuff I have about this GMAT and international MBA thingie. But the knowledge (information) I have (had) is 2nd hand information. I never attended such event before; never visited any b-school and never a seminar or as such. Never seen a person, a b-school guy in flesh-n-blodd; how she walks, talks, presents. That”s about it. So this was the time so I thought to visit the fair.

I got a VIP pass from pagalguy.com. I appreciate this and I promise the forum ( here in public) to help and contribute, intellectually any way I can. Thank you pagalguy.com!

Since I decided to go to fair on last day, I was not prepared, neither mentally nor logistically or materialistically. I asked Iday the other day about what to wear. I know it’s a stupid question, but I think, this comes to everybody’s mind when he’s nervous or visits such events for the first time. ( and therefore I am covering this later in the post) I think formal wear + tie would be OK.

The day started and I realised that I dont have the list of the schools attending the fair. I requested in forums to provide the link. Apurv sent me the link. Thanks Apurv. I printed the list, invitation & the VIP pass.

Oh! Did I mention that my home is three hours away (by train 130 kms) from Mumbai? It was noon & I had missed 3 trains already. I was bit tensed since it was 6th dec. the death anniversary (is that a word?) of one of the founders ( actually principal founder) of constitution of India, Dr. B. R Ambedkar. People from all places of India come to the city and gather at a place called Chaitya Bhumi. (it’s in Dadar)

Train had already travelled more than 1500kms and was ultra crowded when it arrived at my station …as expected. I had no space to move my hip by an inch! I went to city STANDING all the way. Apparently the local train from Virar was not that crowded I managed to get a window seat!


Then, in local train, Aim-WSC had some time to check the printed list.  I’d shortlisted some schools. The main attraction was the Columbia. (Yeah! theres C in my userid!) I went to library @1725. checked www, checked some websites of the schools I shortlisted. I didnt check Columbia’s since I knew already what I want to ask. After checking the websites I again shortlisted the schools. The no. of schools reduced to very small number then.

When I checked the websites, I checked the tuition fees, living expense, fin- aid & scholarship school can offer, & approx. ranks of the schools from say BW & FT and lastly ROI. Now what ( /all) I wanted to ask there (and inquire about) at fair is alumni network and demographic distribution of alumni

By 1800hrs I was out of library heading to the fair. Am I late? Event started @1700.

The attire.

From the reception counter on the way to the Hall I received many leaflets that I blindly put into my purse.

Purse? No! it was a jute hand bag actually, which some people including myself sometimes think it as awful. At least when you go to such ^posh^ area, you become even more conscious. I didn’t wear a tie. I had thought to wear it in library; ( library is my second home in the city) but on the way, in local train I met a college kid who was also going to fair wore scrappy shirt and pair of jeans. I said heck! I dont have to wear a tie. The reason: I am not gonna make any ”impact” there or something, I am just gonna sort of window-scan the b-school counters that’s it! So no tie for me, it’s still in the jute bag. A plain shirt, trouser with belt and leather shoes. A hand bag in hand & a pen in a pocket. That’s it. Perfect.

The Fair

The first counter I saw in the hall was Columbia’s. I nodded assertively and smiled.

By the way did I tell you Dr.B.R. Ambedkar was from Columbia University. (probably the first Indian!!) It was bit crowded so I moved on without stopping @CBS. I checked entire hall (two halls actually). You can gain a lot just by overhearing the conversation, provided you blindly jumped in such forums without doing your homework. I checked U at Buffalo, state U of NY. Enquire about financing options. I shortlisted few more state colleges which I cancelled to visit once I was in the hall. I already knew most of the answers, rep was giving.

I would have been happy if Kellogg had come to the tour. The Kellogg site disappointed me big time (and maybe that’s why theres no K in my userid :D)

Some other big schools came, like Chicago GSB, Tuck, Darden. But I was not interested. Thankyou.

Now remains wharton and Columbia.

I just looked at big W’s stall, the most crowded one. Sigh! I never wanna go there. I know A to Z of W’s website. Heck I have been checking the site since I got the internet connection @home. I know I am crazy. But there are many crazy people around here, reading my blog :p

I had a healthy talk with one of the CBS alumni. ~20mins I was @ CBS stall.

Asked some questions about blogging ( yeah that’s right. You wanna hear it?) also whether adcoms do investigative job & check applicants other online activities? @ MySpace, forums or @ blogs et al.

The answer is NO. unless you specify about it in you essay. The other alumna also gave me strat on how to deal with such situations. Haa haa though I have no bad record in cyberspace it was for my other online buddies 😀

Overall the visit paid off.

Met Rohit and Sonam, these guys work for pagalguy.com thumbs up once again thanks for the pass, fellas.

My online buddy was in seminar which I missed. I attended some of the last part of the seminar which was cool. No regrets though, since I was talking with CBS people then.

I met the online buddy there were two of them. And together we complete another round in the hall. On return I saw a familiar face at the other side of the counter. I greeted him and asked whether we have met earlier? Yeah! the person has done MBA from of that particular school. I am so happy, Now. I was not aware that this guy is one of the alumni of my one the fav. School. THIS IS A BONUS.
And the best part is he’s in the same industry that I am interested in. that’s triple bonus!


Things I regret for:

  • Not attending seminars, they were good and boy! it was Matt Symonds. yet was free of cost.
  • Not taking down the address/ visiting card of alumni with whom I talked. But I know I will meet him sometime in future (the bonus guy, yes very stupid of me, not taking his card).
  • And most importantly for not asking question to alumni about the total expense in MBA education. What I mean is, is there some truth in Forrest gumps BW finding?
  • You can discuss about it here. Is really Harvard or to say any top notch school�s that expensive? $345000?

I think alumni are best persons to answer this.

So all you readers/ bloggers out there please tell me the answer, sicne I forgot to ask about it in the fair.


  • Make best of your trip. Do good homework.
  • Bring a pocket notepad.
  • Check with alumni & if day is good, ask for visiting card.
  • Believe in yourself attire is not that important afterall, the place’s always crowded. But if you’re expecting instant interview, or have taken appointment of any adcom/person: wear suit. (And if it’s New Delhi: always wear the suit)
  • The fair also showcase huge no. of scholarships for various MBA programs, get the forms filled & all the best!

What it takes to be the best B-school

dear b-schools, DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU? (lolz :p)
Check this out!!

I have a question. People normally talk about “Top Business Schools”. My question is which exactly are the top business schools around the globe ? What qualifies a school to fall in this category ?

Baccardisprite answers:

It’s a good question.
My answer / definition, both arguable and debatable is – A top business school (below in no particular order):

  • is almost immediately recognized and recalled (instant oohs… and aahs…) i.e a well-known university or legacy brand that has built itself over many years of the success enjoyed by its alumni (both of the university and the business school)
  • offers it’s students a superior allround academic, social and cultural experience
  • (in a stable/good economy) opens professional doors for the students in the form of strong access to its closest job market with less regard to a students back-ground, origin, or citizenship or in some cases even pre-MBA experience – in other words the opportunity to change elements of one’s career (industry, function and geography). Example – a Top US school to the US job market. An INSEAD all over Europe and the UK. An LBS in London.
  • has a strong, legacy network of alumni who are known for their willingness to help current graduates
  • has career services that possesses the street-credibility to bring top companies from various industries to campus; therefore the oppportunity for MBAs to meet, network and interview with; and offers the right king of training, advice and guidance for students to confidently go off-campus to find their jobs
  • offers you the ability to experience a program with smart (or smarter), ambitious, knowledgeable and wise peers.

These are the things I wanted from my school. Below are the schools that largely fulfil these criteria. These regularly turn up in the rankings NOT because the magazines think so but because they have built themselves over years of success and investment of time, money, and effort to the criteria stated above:

USA – Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, MIT-Sloan, Chicago, Kellogg, Columbia, Michigan, Tuck, Duke, Darden, Haas, Yale and a few others I might have missed.

Canada – Richard Ivey, Rotman, Queens and York – good because they’re good schools and I understand that Canada has recently started offering MBAs the opportunity to work in Canada for 2 years after graduation (this needs to be confirmed).

EU – INSEAD, London Business School, IMD + more recently the European schools that made it to the UK Government’s HSMP list of school’s whose MBA graduates are eligible for a work-permit (NOT tied to employer) in the UK.

Asia Pacific – IIM (A/B/C) – now with the PGPX which is likely to be a success, ISB, INSEAD (Singapore), U-Chicago (Singapore EMBA for more experienced people in the region), Ivey (Part time in Hong Kong), CEIBS (Shanghai).

Notice that I would NOT rank the top 2 Australian Schools here until /unless Australia offers a good opportunity for Internationals to work in Australia after the MBA. Currently not the case as Australia is generally unwelcoming to non-Aussies or non-permanent residents. Unless the country offers an automatic opening to work there or at least a short term chance to work without having to be sponsored, this is NOT a good place to study.

If someone has recent updates that show an improvement to this, please share.

Given their weak career services I would also NOT rank NUS & NTU (Singapore) and CUHK and HKUST (both in Hong Kong).

Hope this helps everyone.


Taken from B-schools-Assistance desk thread of pagalguy.com. (very heavy and informative thread by the way!

the thread is mostly controlled by the big-guy.

This guy, (calls himself baccardisprite) lives in Switzerland (spelling check :p).
Whaterver he writes is pure gold, product extracted from is wide work-experience (more than hundred months of international work-experience.) and twelve months of heavy duty MBA from one of the top b-schools in the world. JohnyCAGE recommends to go through all articles he posted.
I have extracted some of his thoughts on what it takes to be the best business school.
(reference link)