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GMAT 1000 SC wrong answers list.

If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning you might know that I researched a lot on 1000sc document. & I’ve talked enough about 1000SC docs.
I had taken some initiative on a GMAT forum for collecting data of all wrong answers in this document. & I had talked about it earlier in my blog. If you’re not aware, 1000SC doc, a free GMAT questions set from scoretop.com, containing one thousand sentence correction problems have some wrong answers. Some questions are ambigious or not as clear as they should be or in other word ‘they are not of ^GMAT type^’ Therefore it was need of an hour to initiate such project. My project did not pick up but I am glad that scoot a member of TestMagic forum initiated this project again & fortunately it’s running good.
Now to bring it on spotlight I am making this post: yeah! it’s worth writing an exclusive blog entry for this: So, dear visitors preparing for GMAT test & using 1000 SC doc. check out the List of incorrect answers in 1000 SC thread. It’ll save lot of your time & stress, if you know already which questions has wrong OAs.

1000 SC series RIP

This post is dedicated to the thread I once started to compile all the questions of 1000 SC document, which would be discussed on Beat the GMAT forums.

The purpose of starting the thread was not to encourage GMAT students to use 1000 SC document but was just to give them ready reference to the other threads where the respective question from 1000 SC are discussed in the forums. It was for benifit of forums’ members. But now it’s not a sticky maybe because of some reasons
The questions are taken from GMAT sets JJ. (which was once a product of ScoreTop.)
Beat the GMAT had not created that document is not associated with 1000 SC in any way. In fact this document is available for free even before BeatTheGMAT was born.

vhooosh!! I think I’ve talked a lot about these stuffs here, on my GMAT blog or on some GMAT related forums( TestMagic &/or BeattheGMAT). I cant help it as many people ask about 1000 SC, CR documents, their credibility, GMAT sets & then questions like what’s JJ or what’s GMAT sets… and all sorts of rumours or realities. I think I’ve had enough of replying or responding to it. It’s kind of banter chat and has no substance in it; so now I have decided not to talk about it anymore!

Oh yeah! that reminds me to one more “hot topic” of which I am really pissed off reading over and over again. May be I’ll talk about it on my next article .. perhaps for the last time. The topic is : first 8 question myth 😆 :thumbsup: